From the professional BACP Guidelines and Ethics

Counselling images: stone spiral Supervision is a formal arrangement for therapists to discuss their counselling work regularly with someone who is experienced in both therapy and supervision. In some settings supervision may also incorporate elements of training and assessment. Whatever the chosen format, the supervisory relationship is at the heart of effective supervision.

— Millar 2007, Stafford 2008.

Counselling supervision

Support for counsellors

By its very nature, therapy makes considerable demands upon therapists. A therapist uses the services of a qualified ‘counselling supervisor’ to review their work with clients exploring the experiences, feelings and thoughts that arise within the supervisee in relationship with their client, with a particular emphasis on the relational process.

Within the supervision relationship is support and a valuable opportunity to reflect on the work a supervisee undertakes with a client, the achievements and possible difficulties as the work progresses.