What my therapeutic approach offers

Counselling images: path through trees by Angie Denman

My counselling training was integrative but focused on the person-centred approach, which I chose because of my own experience—and now deeply held acceptance—that every individual is a unique being who is evolving during their life to become all that they can and want to be.

My experience as a counsellor

The wide variety of clients I have worked with has also taught me that when offering the core conditions (empathy, genuineness, unconditional respect/caring) change is always possible and with support every individual is capable of solving their problems and resolving their issues in order to live what they perceive and choose to be a better quality of life.

My work so far has confirmed my conviction that when counselling someone it is necessary to work with the whole person always, whatever the reason that they have initially sought help, because everything about someone contributes to who they are.

My professional approach

My approach is humanistic and based upon the person-centred ideology, but evolves for me every time I begin working with a new client because every client teaches me more about counselling and also myself.

As a member of the BACP and with my experience within the NHS I have always worked with a code of ethics and practice that safeguards both myself and my clients. I feel strongly that as therapeutic workers within/supporting an overall health care system counsellors should have a system of evaluating their work in place when working with clients and continue to update/enhance their skills as professionals. So I undertake regular professional supervision.