Supervision for counselling trainees and newly qualified counsellors

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Counselling supervision is especially important for trainees. Counselling skills can appear deceptively simple to learn and master in class whilst the work with clients takes using these skills to a much more intimate and real experience. Supervision has a special role in helping trainees move beyond basic forms of counselling skills to develop a more sophisticated and sensitive form of counselling expertise. Equally, counselling placements need careful management and structured support. The trainee experience should be encouraging and empowering rather than negatively demanding. Supervision provides a solid base to help trainees make sense of their learning experiences and to facilitate their professionalism.

My personal experience of supervision has been the enhancement of my skills whilst always giving me support and confidence within my work with clients, so I work within the BACP guidelines to provide this for my supervisees. In Person Centred Counselling Carl Rogers highlights the process of the counsellor’s individual development whilst working, because he/she is also an evolving person.

The point is for the counsellor to develop their own style through an increasing self-awareness while staying genuine and meaningful to the client, and I feel this is adaptable to any theory of counselling because the counsellor cannot be other than him/herself when with the client, so my aims for our work are to help supervisees:

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